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Camino a Maisí

The new work from Yelsy Heredia

with the collaboration of Lucrecia and Manuel Quijano



Recorded at the presentation of the album at the sala Colonial North of Madrid, on April 26

Images live on the feast of the presentation of the new work, as well as of its recording in Madrid Musigrama studies, Yelsy Heredia has wanted to teach the subject that leads and title of the album, Camino a Maisí.

Yelsy Heredia

TCM 8001 horiboripadwYelsy Heredia is one of the most important double-bass player’s in the current music scene. He regularly contributes his music to CD's and live concerts with top-notch musicians such as Bebo and Chucho Valdés, Diego el Cigala, Salif Keita, Arcangel, Joshua Edelman and Donna Hightower.

Originally from Cuba and settled in Spain, Yelsy is considered by the public, the critics and other artists as the best musician to have combined the Cuban Son, the Flamenco Compás and Jazz.

He developed this musical heritage in a more personal way through two of his musical projects: Lebrija Son, accompanied by: Dorantes, Alba Molina, Ricardo Moreno and an inspiring and a powerful performance of gypsies from the earliest lineages of Lebrija; and Camino to Maisí unforgettable music that moves into the ancient rhythms of his native Guantánamo. He also shows us these characteristics in his two CD's that he presently has completed: "Guantánamo Changüi" produced by Cigala Music and "Recovecos" accompanied by Lebrija's Son.

Camino a Maisí en imágenes

Guantánamo Changüí

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With Guillermo Rubalcaba, Changuito, Diego El Morao y Diego El Cigala


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With Lebrija Son - Rycardo Moreno, Dorantes, Tomás de Perrate, Alba molina... -